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Prevention. Protection. Safety.

West Midlands Security  event security, crowd safety management are specifically designed to provide enhanced levels of safety for all.

We provide a range of security roles, for a range of events. Our guards are trained to assist and integrate with the event organiser, from small and simple events, right up to large and complex. Stewards will deal with crowd control, crowd safety, and venue security. They will liaise with local authorities and emergency services, accordingly. Throughout, our team will be professional, courteous, and effective, to ensure your event can run smoothly, and the attendees leave satisfied.

West Midlands Security Solutions

is an award winning company with a reputation for protecting people, property and assets.

Sporting Events

we offer leading sporting event security which includes a whole range of services from crowd control, ticket management to car park and shuttle bus security and even VIP security management.


we can tailor our concert security to your individual needs. However, an aspect of our security that we will establish with all of our clients is the fact that the safety of all of your guests is a priority.