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Threat prevention at the highest level

First and foremost this service is about complete and personal protection. SIA trained guards will provide discreet and professional protection against immediate threats to a client’s personal safety. Our guards are trained to assess potential threats and dangers, and implement strategies to combat these.

Our experienced security teams work to the highest professional standards, blending seamlessly into family and professional life, enabling our clients to conduct their business in confidence.

All our close protection services staff are fully trained and SIA licensed and aspire for excellence in every aspect of service.

West Midlands Security Solutions

is an award winning company with a reputation for protecting people, property and assets.

The expertise we offer can provide services from individual close protection, to a dedicated team of officers tasked to protect individuals, their families, property and assets. Our Close Protection Officers are professional, presentable and discreet, West Midlands Security Solutions can offer overt and covert protection specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements according to any cultural, political and religious needs that may be required.

depending on the scale of protection required. We can find you the right staff member(s) that not only meet your image, high standards, and operational requirements, but also who can blend successfully with your existing team.

We keep watch, so you don’t have to!

West Midlands Security Solutions

Professionals in protection!

West Midlands Security Solutions